care of hutches and kennels

This is our care of hutches page where we will give you information on the best ways to look after your hutches and kennels.

All rabbit hutches will come not painted or treated at all so you, the customer can then paint your hutch run stand etc in a colour of your choice. We recommend Cuprinol garden shades. We recommend that all hutches are painted inside and out for best care especially hutches with standard plywood floors.

We recommend that indoor hutches are still treated on the inside.

All outdoor hutches that are exposed to the outside weather we recommend them painted / treated every 6 months to give them maximum protection.

Hinges on hutches must be lubricated with WD40 or normal oil.

Felt on roof. Please do not place anything on top of felt roof as this can damage the felt then your roof will leak.

Customer Hutch

The images above show how our hutches can look even better with some TLC by you, the customer. This double hutch has been painted inside and out and doesn’t it look amazing?