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Quality Rabbit Hutches by Ryedale Pet Homes

Quality rabbit hutches and guinea pig hutches are what Ryedale Pet Homes have become reknowned for. Our range stretches from 1, 2 and 3 tier hutches as well a extra large and deluxe models. All of our products are designed to high quality standards and constructed using the very best materials.

Our deluxe rabbit models come with an apex roof which is ideal for a bedding area. All of them are raised off the ground with attached legs apart from the hutches that sit on top of runs. Night shutters and security bolts can be added to help keep your beloved rabbit safe at night.

extra large rabbit hutches

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Quality Rabbit Hutches

Ryedale Pet Homes have been designing and building high quality rabbit hutches for nearly 20 years. Our standard range includes single storey, two storey and three storey versions. Our standard sizes are 5ft, 6ft and 7ft wide but we can build any size  you want.

All of our products are custom made to order with many changes available to what you can see on this website. We can add security bolts, wire meshing, night shutters and much more. All you need to do is ask Rob for any customisation you may want. Our aim is to provide the very best and most comfortable home possible for your rabbit. Our products are made so well that they can last for many years outside and still look great.

If you have 2 or more rabbits then we highly recommend you look at our double and triple rabbit hutches to house them. These are available with stairs and trapdoors to connect the levels and can be connected to an open bottom run if that’s what you order.


Once we have completed the build of your  rabbit enclosure, we will contact you to arrange the delivery. We do the deliveries ourselves so we need to arrange specific times for the delivery. Our products come fully assembled so you will need to have a good space ready and easy access to this space. We only deliver to mainland Great Britain.